Gwrhyd Blue Pennant Sandstone is a rare resource, it is usually found in pockets like the Gwrhyd quarry – but it is rarely such a large resource. Gwrhyd specialist Stone Quarry is particularly outstanding because the block formation is unusually large with blocks up to 25 ton in a single piece making the block outstanding and excellent quality. According to geologists this is because over the 370million years since the rock formed, the pocket has slipped on to its edge and turned in the ground; giving the hard well formed rock from thousands of feet down in the earth to the surface of the quarry.

The weight overlying ground compacted the stone deep in the earth for millions of years, making the source extremely rare and extremely dense. It is used nationally by Local Authorities, Developers, Commercial & Public area’s and high status residential landscaping projects.
Gwrhyd Specialist Stone Quarry supplies a full range of Welsh Blue Pennant Sandstone products, which have some of the most impressive qualities to be found in any stone in the UK.