Random Cropped, Semi Coursed, Jumpers Natural Blue Pennant Sandstone Walling is particularly suited to projects in areas rich in traditional architecture. The unrivalled visual appearance along with excellent weathering and wearing qualities will provide a unique prestigious look to any elevation.

A complete design portfolio is available. This includes Random Blockstone, Cropped Walling, Jumper Blocks, Parallel Block and a suitable coping to complete and complement any project.

Random Cropped Walling

Used in many heritage projects as well as new builds, both commercial and domestic. Garden walls, retaining walls, self-build projects etc. The most popular of all walling products, Random cropped gives a more natural shaped appearance than the semi coursed; Both Random and Semi coursed can be mixed together for a more regular laid pattern, as they are the same colour mix. All cropped walling can be laid with 100% blue/grey face.

Semi Coursed Parallel Walling

Also described as small corners, they can be used as corner stones for pillars and reveals and mixed with Random. When installed, this product is very neat; it gives clear lines in a very uniform manner. Semi-coursed are straight parallel top and bottom, in a mix of blue and brown colours. Approx the same size as Random stone, but they tend to be squarer.

Coursed Walling

Square cropped stone in 3 course heights 65mm, 140mm & 215mm. Is designed to give an extremely neat tight coursed look when properly laid and runs in with standard 215mm block .

Dry Stone Walling

Used in many large scale landscaping projects, both commercial and domestic, garden walls, retaining walls, self build projects etc can be supplied with Dragons back copings to match. Dry stone walling is art and we recommend any large scale projects should be laid by a waller/mason, experienced and knowledgeable of the craft. Although a good result can be achieved by a careful/enthusiastic amateur. As supplied to the SA1 Project (Fabian Way, Swansea), Felindre Tin Works and the National Botanic Gardens of Wales.

Cills & Lintels

Our Masonry Dept.cam make either Riven, Sawn cills and lintels to your specification also soldier course and false lintel heads.